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Nu Air

Nu Air
Collloidal Silver
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This is a product that you can't live without, if you are a person who has difficulty breathing, due to Emphysema, Asthma and Sinus problems. This product greatly enhances the ability of a person to take in more oxygen with much greater ease and eliminate all the huffing and puffing with these conditions.

"NU AIR" will greatly enhance your Endurance and Stamina for people who are in Competitive in sports such as; Olympic Competitors, Power weight lifters, Pro Sports Athletes, Bodybuilders, Bike Riders, and Joggers.

"NU AIR" also works for people who need endurance to get through the day with their demanding jobs such as, UPS WORKERS, CONSTRUCTION WORKERS, DELIVERY MEN, CONCRETE WORKERS, or any other job that demands GREAT ENDURANCE. From all past experiences this product seems to have a 95% success rate on all that have used it to dramatically enhance a persons breathing ability, within 1 - 1 1/2 hours after taking the product the very first time.

Try it now and see for your self the great difference it cam make for you!!!

The Dynamic Duo - Take "NU AIR", and "NU ENERGY" together and Blow away the competition.

Directions: Take one ounce per day as needed.

16 oz. $35.00
32 oz. $55.00 SAVE $20.00

Proprietary Formula - DMG, Octocosanol, L Arginine, Kola Nut, Lobelia, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper, Royal Jelly, Creatine, Alcohol, and Natural Flavoring.

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